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Adam Parson

It's Your New Beginning



Adam was born in Nairobi, Kenya and lived in other African cities for 14 years before moving to the United States (Maryland).  In Blantyre, Malawi, he attended a British Boarding School, packed with international students , beginning a bonding to other cultures, foods, and people.  After moving to the United States, Adam did gymnastics, studied languages and computer programming, all in the hopes of being able to travel and visit his friends from all over the globe. He worked happily as a computer programmer and accountant in Georgetown, Washington D.C., until one day, his sister asked him to drive a friend to dance class. When they arrived, he heard the music, saw the dancers and was hooked. He started taking dance class at 26 years old and has been in the performing arts industry as a dancer, choreographer, producer and artistic director.  Always curious, Adam recently acquired his FAA sUAS Drone Pilot's license, to further expand his choreographic reach. Adam continues to grow and expand his art, through travel, education and interaction.

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Adam Parson is well known for his multifaceted award winning choreography and his unique approach to music makes him one of the most sought after choreographers in the dance industry. The Los Angeles Times critics have said his choreography is "refreshingly original and various in his scope and theme" He has choreographed a special for Two-time Emmy winner Alex Borstein on Amazon Prime,  So You Think You Can Dance Australia, staged Redken Hair industrials, created a duet for the Prima Ballerina for Seoul National Ballet and the Prima Ballerina for Ballet Folklorico de Mexico, choreographed a halftime show at the Staples Center,  musice video for dance artist Marjorie Goodson, choreographic works on the films “ Love on a Sunday Afternoon”, "Mood: Melanin" "Black Panther Tribute", "Hope, Still" and most recently "Home, A Dance Film." 



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Mood Melanin

Chameleon. Embrace the Humanity Within.





Adam Parson knows how to get the most out of a dancer. With insight, diligence and a laser focus he makes sure each dancer he encounters gets the right kind of training.  Trained by some of the best dance masters in the business and studying individually, he has evolved into a teacher with a distinct voice. He was one of Dance Spirit Magazines "One to watch" and American Dance Magazine said "Parson's brand of training churns out unstoppable dancers" He is super proud of his trained students turned working dancers who have worked in many industry platforms such as: La La Land, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Madonna, So You Think You Can Dance, Britney Spears, The Muppets, Wicked on Broadway,  Bring it on, Kylie Minogue, Memphis, The Academy Awards, The Golden Globe Awards, The Emmy Awards and his own Commonality Dance Company.  
Adam is a resident teacher at the American Music and Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, creating award winning choreography and teaching master classes 
all over the United States and globally, in Sweden, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, England, Norway, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Kenya and more.






Adam Parson’s directing skills creates a captivating environment for the audience. His direction for Redken Hair industrials created one of their most successful shows. His work with Alice in Wonderland, a full scale production in Seoul, Korea, inspired the  community to invest more time about C.S. Lewis’ classic story as well as an interest in dance. He has also directed several dance films.  Adam’s direction with Commonality Dance not only created standing ovations around the world, including Zurich where audiences rarely give standing ovations, but also created bigger sales and interest in the music of the artist he chooses to work with, including Nitin Sawhney, Moloko, Katie Noonan, Elisa, Kimbra and The Marias.



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"As a student from Adam Parson's, I learned that I will never grow as a dancer if I don't take the appropriate steps on my own to be better. My work ethic, dedication, and going the extra mile in training and conditioning always stemmed from that extra push Adam always gave me along
with never letting me slide to be even a tad less then my full potential!"

Ashley Seldon

Adam inspired me to come to the USA and pursue my dreams from a single class. He is not only an incredible teacher of dance, he is also a DANCE EDUCATOR. His classes are inspiring and pushed me beyond what I had been pushed before. He is tough but loving and has not only inspired me but now Adam inspires my students as well. After completing 60 classes at the Edge we asked our students privately who was their favorite teacher and 9 out of 10 of them said Adam. Adams class is a masterclass in technique, musicality and style, and he sees EVERYONE in the class. He truly gave me the foundation to have the career I have had for the last 17 years."



"Adam Parson’s gift as a teacher is undeniable. He pushed me as a dancer to places I never even dreamed I could go. His class was ever evolving and expanding, and as his student, I was ever evolving and expanding. He manages to look past surface level facility, see things in his students that they never could never see in themselves, and bring out individuality and greatness. His classroom is safe, inspiring, loving, and electric. One of the most beautiful things about Adam’s teaching is that no two students come out of his process dancing the same. We come out as the strongest possible versions of ourselves, and with all the tools necessary to take on the world. I was constantly kept on my toes, lovingly pushed beyond my limits both physically and mentally, and exposed to new and different styles of dance and music every single day. I would not be the dancer or person I am today without Adam Parson’s guidance, and I am eternally grateful for his profound impact on my dance career and my life.”

Hannah Douglass

"I honestly don't know if I have ever been pushed harder as a dancer than I have by Adam . He has a way of lighting a fire in you and getting you to work at your maximum potential and won’t
settle for anything less. It's not just about the steps in his class, he gives you the tools you need to succeed in the professional world. In his class you are conditioning, you are working on
technique, you are performing, you are learning a good work ethic, and you are having fun while doing it. Ive carried the discipline and passion i’ve learned from being his student throughout my career."


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